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Book review requirements You will be required to write a  2-3 PAGE single spaced  commentary for a book related to your  internship experience region and approved by your facilitator. The main purpose of this assignment is to give you, the reader, an opportunity to detail what you  have learned about the people, culture and history of the region where you will be completing  your internship.  Evaluating the work of the author, their style and accuracy in writing, should be  a very small part of this paper. Requirements: 1. One paragraph  should   discuss the author’s background, the writing point of view, and  the message that he/she is communicating through the book.  Include the primary thesis -  the main point of the author. 2. The major portion  should detail what you have learned by reading this book; how your 
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Unformatted text preview: opinions, understanding and knowledge of the region has changed. Include a summary of the primary findings, data, theories, evidence, etc. Include a critical evaluation of the book. Were you convinced with the author's main point? Use specific information to back-up your position. Do not use direct quotes from the book! 3. One paragraph should discuss how this will affect your work in the region. This may have lots of cross-over with the 2 nd part but still cite specific applications. Include a discussion on how this information relates to your future internship experience This will be due March 14 th at the beginning of class, unless your region facilitator specifies otherwise....
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