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Chapter 1 - 3 Formalization trained& salaried staff 4...

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Chapter 1 -people usually relate SP to the individuals choice’s, but sociology study’s how culture & society shape ppl’s decisions -social problems are seldom harmful to EVERYONE -people don’t rate obesity as a social problem even though it killed 100x the amount of people killed on Sep. 11. Terrorist attacks is # 3 on serious social problems list 4 stages of Social Movement 1. Emergence-few ppl come together 2. Coalescence- rallies & demonstrations
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Formalization- trained & salaried staff 4. Decline- run out of money or fail 8 Assertions 1. SP are result from the ways in which society operates 2. SP are not caused by bad ppl 3. SP are socially constructed as ppl define a condition as harmful & in need of change 4. Ppl see problems different 5. Definitions of problems change over time 6. SP involve subjective & objective facts 7. Many problems can be solved 8. Various SP are related...
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