Hum Dev. Study Guide #2

Hum Dev. Study Guide #2 - Exam#2 1.Infant reflexes adaptive...

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Exam #2 1.Infant reflexes- adaptive values: survival value Rooting reflex- find mother’s nipple, necessary to eat! Swimming reflex- more likely to live if dropped in water Moro-help infants cling to mom when carried around all day Gratifying Interaction- baby finds nipple, sucks easily- encourages parents to respond lovingly and feel competent as caregivers, allows parents to control distress and amount of stimulation 2.Soothe a crying infant -lifting infant to shoulder and rocking or walking- most effective -swaddling- wrapping snuggly in blanket (conserves energy, warmth, restricting movement) -pacifier -talk softly, play rhythmic sounds -take baby for short car ride or walk -massage baby’s body -let baby cry for a short period 3. States of Arrousal Regular NREM sleep- full rest, no activity, no eye movement- 8-9 hrs Irregular REM sleep- occasional stirring, breathing irregular- 8-9 hrs Drowsiness- falling asleep or waking up, eyes open and close, glazed look- varies Quiet alertness- relatively inactive, eyes open and attentive, breathing regular- 2-3 hrs Waking activity and crying- burst of uncoordinated body activity, breathing irregular, crying- 1-4 hrs Habituation- gradual reduction in the strength of a response due to repetitive stimulation Recovery- new stimulis causes habituated response to return to high level
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Hum Dev. Study Guide #2 - Exam#2 1.Infant reflexes adaptive...

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