Human Development Study Guide Exam

Human Development Study Guide Exam - Human Development...

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Human Development Study Guide Exam #1 Child Development- devoted to understanding constancy and change from conception through adolescence (part of developmental science- studies experiences throughout lifespan) Domains of C.D. 1.Physical- body size, motor capacities, physical health 2.Cognitive- intellectual abilities, attention, memory, problem solving, imagination 3. Emotional/Social- communication, friendships, relationships, moral reasoning Theory- orderly, integrated set of statements that describes, explains and predicts behavior Conitnuous- gradually adding more of the same types of skills that were there to begin with Disontinuous- new ways of understanding and responding to the world emerge at specific times (stages) Stage- qualitative change in thinking, feeling, and behaving that characterizes particular time period of development Nature- genetics? Hereditary from parents Nurture- Or environment? Forces of physical and social world that influence biological and psychological makeup Stable or open to change?- whether stable individual differences emerge early and persist due to heredity and early experience, or whether change is possible and likely if new experience supports it Medieval -wore loose, comfortable clothing, played games, looked up to adults -laws recognized child protection -vulnerable, innocent and next to angels, but sometimes religion portrayed them as possessed by devil and
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Human Development Study Guide Exam - Human Development...

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