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maya Film History Notes - Film History Notes - Early...

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Film History Notes - Early Innovators in Film Narratives Melies brought narratives to the cinema, filmmakers still needed to understand the camera and its relation to shots, scenes, the audience, and editing. Edwin S. Porter - During the late 1890s, Porter traveled through the Caribbean, falsely calling himself ‘Thomas Edison Jr.’ and putting on traveling film exhibitions. - Upon returning to the States in 1900, Porter decided to become a filmmaker - himself, so he applied for a job with Thomas Edison. - Thanks to his work as a film exhibitor and filmmaker, Porter had been exposed to films from around the world, including A Trip to the Moon in 1902. - Porter sensed the cinema’s ability to use continuity editing to produce long form narratives, and saw narratives as a mean to draw viewers back to the cinema. - In 1903, Porter directed two highly influential films, the first being Life of an American Fireman . - Fireman contained a multi-scene narrative that did not rely on characters to move from space to space. - The Great Train Robbery o directed by Porter, expanding upon the innovations of Fireman o successfully combined indoor and outdoor sequences, expanded upon the pan from Fireman , and introduced “the crime film” as an original American genre England - At the same time that Melies and Porter were introducing narrative innovations,
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maya Film History Notes - Film History Notes - Early...

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