maya Media exam notes - Media Exam II Notes *iconicity...

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Media Exam II Notes *iconicity – meaning is generally centered on the same thing, yet it may evolve over time suspension of disbelief – the ability of a film to capture an audience - being so immersed that you can be persuaded by it “Docuganda” – genre of documentary filmmaking that is agenda-driven home presentation = most money Edward Bernays – early public relations practitioner Ivy Lee – opened the first PR agengy in 1906 *Public Relations is a management tool used to promote beneficial relationships— publicity PT Barnum – generated publicity for his shows; known for exaggerated promotion (circus) elements of Public Relations: - publicity = bring attention to something - lobbying = trying to convince people in government of what their constituency may be - promotion = promoting a cause, idea - political communication = advising political groups with a particular agenda (elections) - crisis management = helping a client through an emergency * Integrated Marketing Communication - quantitative research skills relations of PR to 2-step flow different between PR and advertising - PR = promoting messages through relationships
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maya Media exam notes - Media Exam II Notes *iconicity...

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