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Media Final Exam Notes 2 - desirability 2 Utilitarian –...

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Media Final Exam Notes fiber-optic cable – glass strands capable of carrying data as light; enabled the internet code of ethics – statement that defines acceptable/unacceptable behavior 1 st Mass Media Code of Ethics (1923) – Canons of Journalism of the American Society of Newspaper Editors diffusion of innovation – process through which news, idea, values, information, and technology is spread “Original Webmaster” – Tim Berners Lee - protocols for the web-enabled web to emerge digital divide – the economic distinction between impoverished groups and societal groups with the means to maintain and improve their economic well-being through computer access prescriptive ethics – misguided notion of code of ethics Golden Mean (Aristotle) – avoids extremes, seeks moderation Categorical Imperative (Kant) – a principle that can be applied in any and all circumstances with moral certitude Teleological Ethics (John Dewey) 1. Pragmatic Theory – encourages people to look at human experience to determine the probable consequences of an action and then decide its
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Unformatted text preview: desirability 2. Utilitarian – favors ethics actions that benefit more people than they damage— the greatest good for the greatest number 3. Social Responsibility – judges actions by the good effect they have on society Deontological Ethics (“Good actions flow from good processes”) 1. Theory of Divine Command – proper decisions follow God’s will, with blind trust that the consequences will be good 2. Secular Command – hold that authorities legitimately hold supreme authority although not necessarily with divine authority; allegiance to a dictator or other political leader from whom the people take cutes when making moral decisions 3. Libertarian Theory – given good information and time, people ultimately make right decisions M.P.A.A. – Motion Picture Association of America- has its own rating system V-Chip – allows parents to control TV; enabled by Telecommunication Act of 1996 PMRC- labeling...
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Media Final Exam Notes 2 - desirability 2 Utilitarian –...

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