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Media Final Exam Notes 2 - desirability 2. Utilitarian...

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Media Final Exam Notes fiber-optic cable – glass strands capable of carrying data as light; enabled the internet code of ethics – statement that defines acceptable/unacceptable behavior 1 st Mass Media Code of Ethics (1923) – Canons of Journalism of the American Society of Newspaper Editors diffusion of innovation – process through which news, idea, values, information, and technology is spread “Original Webmaster” – Tim Berners Lee - protocols for the web-enabled web to emerge digital divide – the economic distinction between impoverished groups and societal groups with the means to maintain and improve their economic well-being through computer access prescriptive ethics – misguided notion of code of ethics Golden Mean (Aristotle) – avoids extremes, seeks moderation Categorical Imperative (Kant) – a principle that can be applied in any and all circumstances with moral certitude Teleological Ethics (John Dewey) 1. Pragmatic Theory – encourages people to look at human experience to determine the probable consequences of an action and then decide its
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Unformatted text preview: desirability 2. Utilitarian favors ethics actions that benefit more people than they damage the greatest good for the greatest number 3. Social Responsibility judges actions by the good effect they have on society Deontological Ethics (Good actions flow from good processes) 1. Theory of Divine Command proper decisions follow Gods will, with blind trust that the consequences will be good 2. Secular Command hold that authorities legitimately hold supreme authority although not necessarily with divine authority; allegiance to a dictator or other political leader from whom the people take cutes when making moral decisions 3. Libertarian Theory given good information and time, people ultimately make right decisions M.P.A.A. Motion Picture Association of America- has its own rating system V-Chip allows parents to control TV; enabled by Telecommunication Act of 1996 PMRC- labeling...
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Media Final Exam Notes 2 - desirability 2. Utilitarian...

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