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Cory Persson 11/20/09 Participatory Politics in India Diplomacy is a vital aspect for strong government efficiency, and civilian participation is important to understand the different needs of a country. The Millennium Challenge Corporation has compiled a scorecard to measure good governance and help improve countries that are having problems. India has high scores in the policy category of ruling justly, but could still improve the participatory methods implemented in the government. The Indian government needs to facilitate the citizen involvement in order to reach a maximum level of effectiveness in policymaking. They should focus on three things to improve any deficiencies they have in their government- informing the citizens, gathering the input they have, and working to make compromises and meet mutual needs. When the public understands the importance of policymaking and sees that they too can make an impact, they will be inclined to increase their knowledge and participate more.
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Unformatted text preview: Communication is key to a stable environment in a country, and India has been working hard to achieve their goals. India has organized a political structure that works with villages to gather input and works to share the information they receive with the national government to create effective policies. By working in this manner, India has created a solid government that promotes citizen participation. When citizens actively participate in politics, governments can create efficient policies that benefit the country overall. India has been very effective in promoting participation, and for that reason they have been receiving high scores on their MCC scorecards. If they continue to implement their current strategies they will have political stability in the future. Participatory methods are very important in country politics, and lead to success....
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