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IAS 220 Introduction to International Development Elective Book Review Assignment Objective: The purpose of this assignment is twofold: Each individual student will have an opportunity to select one of the following books that is relevant to their interest and major field of study to read and gain more insight into development from that perspective. Second, everyone will post a review of their book on the class wiki under the appropriate session topic for everyone to broaden their familiarity with the scope of issues in international development. Time Frame: Select and start reading your book by the second week of class. Book reviews are due and should be posted on the wiki by September 30. Assignment Instructions: The point of your book review is to describe key insights obtained from the book about the challenges and complexity
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Unformatted text preview: of the development endeavor. Your book review should be 1 page, single-spaced with an extra space between paragraphs. The following information should be included: 1. Heading: Title and Bibliographical information about the book, including author(s), title, publishing information, date, number of pages, & ISBN (book number) (3-4 lines single spaced) 2. Introduction: General summary explaining what your book is about. (This should be a 1-3 sentence description that can also be posted on the booklist of the wiki if there is not a description already.) 3. Discussion of author's main points and key arguments. 4. Your response to the book and the insights you gained about how to understand and deal with the complexities of development....
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