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Cory Persson Guns, Germs, and Steel , Jared Diamond. # of pages: 518 ISBN-13: 978-0-393-06131-4 Jared Diamond attempts to prove that history has differed among different peoples because of their environmental uniqueness, and not necessarily because of genetic differences. He explains the impact these differences have on societies and the advantages and weaknesses. Diamond stresses the idea that civilizations are created based on the available opportunities as well as the necessities that certain peoples have. The development of societies is from the environment more than peoples’ ideas. This is shown in the case of Eurasian success, which Diamond argues is a result of their geographic advantages. He also shows the contrast between this region and places such as Africa, Australia, and the Americas. One of his main arguments is that an east-west landmass provides greater opportunity for development and success, offering more plants and animals suitable for
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