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Cory Persson Intl Development 12/16/09 Critical Essay #3 There is a great need for development work in this world, and plenty of ways for everyone to get involved. However, with so many different ways to approach development, projects are oftentimes complicated to the point that nothing is accomplished. In order to make a difference, communication amongst different levels is required. This is the most efficient way to sort out complexities and figure out strategies required for effective development. The greatest confusion arises with the different ideas between the organizations planning the development and the area being developed, whether it is a nation as a whole or a community setting. Organizations that are involved in development usually believe that their ideas are correct and necessary to implement successful development projects. However, the area being developed generally has different traditions or things they value
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Unformatted text preview: more. Thus, problems arise as to how development should be done to properly benefit everyone. Increasing the communication between those doing the development and those receiving help will assure that everyone benefits, and that the most efficient projects are implemented. Those working in the policy level need to communicate with those actually working on the projects, who in turn must understand the wants of the people living in the area where projects are being done. This is also required to assure that projects are sustainable, as the organizations running the projects will not always be around to manage things. If the communities are receiving proper development help, they will have a desire to continue the projects and create long-lasting development....
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