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Cory Persson Intro to International Development Exploration of BYU’s International Development Resources/ Community-Based Service- Learning 1. On Nov 19, I was able to attend a meeting on possible field study opportunities. We learned about exactly what a field study was and how to apply for one, and then broke off into groups for specific countries that we were interested in visiting during the field study. I was able to talk to the coordinator for India, and he told us about the upcoming project for 2010 working with Tibetan refugees. More than anything, I learned that no matter what your experience is, there is always something you can do to participate in development. There is so much to be improved in the world that everyone is needed to take a part. This experience truly helped increase my desire to serve in development projects to make a change in the world. 2. I saw the Kennedy Center Speaker Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, who spoke on Nov 18 on the topic, “Sudan Before and After 2011: Understanding the Critical Factors Shaping the Future of Sudan. He began by explaining when Arabs/Muslims invaded and forced the blacks to the south, and their fight for independence. He also explained the difference between the north and south, and the agreements they have reached to maintain peace, although they have often been dishonored. They are hoping that the current one, which ends in 2011, will be the last one. There is an election in 2010 that will elect a president in the Republic of Sudan and South Sudan, and they are hoping that a democratic presidency will be elected. There are many conflicts that are seen in developing countries, as there are always different approaches as to how current issues can be solved. It is very important to have strong communication and equal participation to achieve appropriate compromises that can encourage development and promote peaceful resolutions to problems. 3. I attended a panel discussion of social entrepreneurs on Nov 6. They talked about how they got started and what sparked their interest in development work. Most said that they had a desire to give back and make a change in the world, but never really planned on going into social entrepreneurship; it just happened. Some of the advice they gave included getting involved
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community - Cory Persson Intro to International Development...

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