- The Age of the Unthinkable “We are entering in short a revolutionary age And we are doing so with ideas leaders and institutions that are

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International development, a relatively new and complex field, examines many different approaches as to how we can resolve the issues that we face in this world. Many people argue that we need to start with a bottom-up approach, focusing on communities and self-reliance. Others prefer to focus on the people in charge, working with inadequate political structures. After class discussion and based on past experiences, I believe the best way to approach international development is to have the whole of Earth under a single, effective, powerful, but popular leader. I would like to organize a worldwide governing body that oversees the political structures, forming worldwide norms to assist in creating opportunities for all. As Joshua Cooper Ramo argues in his book,
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Unformatted text preview: The Age of the Unthinkable, “We are entering, in short, a revolutionary age. And we are doing so with ideas, leaders, and institutions that are better suited for a world now several centuries behind us.” We need revolutionary leaders to replace the incompetent ones now in place- only then can we make the necessary changes to improve the quality of life in this world. There are constantly new problems emerging in this fast-paced world of ours, and we need fast-paced, revolutionary thinkers to come up with solutions. It is a time for action, not for passive leaders who worry about their social standing. By uniting the world under a single leader, it will be possible to deal with current social dilemmas....
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