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Cory Persson IAS 220 New Heroes Paper The New Heroes are social entrepreneurs working in a selfless way to make a change in our world. They are people like Dr. B and David Green, who teamed up to produce affordable eye care by imitating the McDonald’s efficient program. Their idea is to lift up mankind as a whole by experiencing the divine and using what they have learned to help and change the world. Mimi and the Delancey Street Movers are helping ex-convicts receive work when it would otherwise be impossible. They take risks with people in order to give them second chances and benefit their entire community. In India workers are trying to stop human slavery by rescuing slaves and taking them back to the villages where they came from. They disk death by the Indian mob in order to restore human rights to those that are wrongfully taken. Sometimes these “Heroes” cross so many boundaries one may wonder if what they are doing is completely legal. By providing these services so inexpensively, they may be forcing other companies to go out of business and
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