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Attend our workshops … read our groundbreaking books … and you’ll see why thousands of people are saying, “aha!” Test Your Knowledge of the Hidden Rules of Class How well could you survive? People who grow up in poverty learn different things from people who grow up wealthy or in middle class. But most schools and businesses operate with middle-class norms, and most teachers and business people grew up learning the hidden rules of middle-class families. It’s no surprise, then, that children of poverty often struggle in education and business environments. In her book A Framework for Understanding Poverty , Dr. Ruby K. Payne presents lists of survival skills needed by different societal classes. Test your skills by answering the following questions. Could you survive in poverty? Check each item that applies. I know how to . .. _____ find the best rummage sales. _____ locate grocery stores’ garbage bins that have thrown-away food. _____ bail someone out of jail.
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