History of Rock Music notes 3 21 11

History of Rock Music notes 3 21 11 - Formed in 1961 (the...

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Mus 125 – History of Rock Music Notes 3/21/11 SURF MUSIC Dick Dale & the Deltones -King of the Surf Guitar -Leo Fender -Amp & effects development -Let’s Go Trippin’ – 1961 -Misirlou – 1962 Dick Dale Interview September 25, 2010 –NPR, Fresh Air Surfaris Formed in 1962 Wipe Out, 1963 Quit surf music in 1965 Comeback with movie soundtrack songs Surfer Joe and Point Panic Jan and Dean Jennie Lee – ode to a burlesque dancer, 1958 Baby Talk – first hit for Jan and Dean as a duo Aldon west – six singles, 1961 Work with the Beach Boyz, 1962
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Surf City #1 hit in 1963 Drag City, 1963 Dead Man’s Curve, 1964 The Little Old Lady From Pasadena, 1964 Jan Berry car accident,, 1966 Comeback, 1973 Kittyhawk Graphics The Beach Boys
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Unformatted text preview: Formed in 1961 (the Pendletones) Surfin 1 st charting single Murry Wilson, manager Capitol records, 1962 Surfin USA Surfer Girl when you wish upon a star 1962 1965: 16 hit singles, 10 albums 1964, Murry ousted Murry died in 1973 Brian stopped touring, 1964 Nervous breakdown, 1965 Studio techniques Wall of Sound Pet Sounds, 1966 Good Vibrations, 1966 (pocket symphony) Smile Smiley Smile 1966/2004 Dennis Wilson and Charles Manson, 1968 Never Learn Not to Love Band of the year, Rolling Stone, 1974 Brian returned to the group, 1976 Dennis Wilson Drowned, 1983 Vegetables!!! Kokomo, 1 st #1 in 22 years, 1988 Carl Wilson dies of cancer, 1998...
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History of Rock Music notes 3 21 11 - Formed in 1961 (the...

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