Hon 190 AH Notes 1 25 11 - 1 invention coming up w/info...

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Hon 190 AH Notes Jenny Farrell 1/25/11 Aristotle (Student of Plato) The Lyceum (School, Aristotle created) The Rhetoric (written age 17, add seventh step, rhetoric was persuasion) Three Artistic Proofs/Appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) (Appeal to persuade to audience) Three categories of discourse -deliberate -epidictic -forensics Ethos-credibility (how you know what you know) Pathos-emotional appeal Logos-logical appeals (facts) Past (in court, forensics) Present (epidictic) (ceremonial, special occasions, toasts) Future (deliberate) (assembly, where laws made) The Roman Tradition Cicero (era of Roman Republic) -Five Canons (invention, disposition or arrangement, style, memory, delivery)
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Unformatted text preview: 1. invention- coming up w/info, figuring out topic, 2. disposition- arrange speech 3. style- word choice 4. memory- retain info. 5. delivery- voice, body Quintilian (Roman Empire) – Caesar, democracy dead. Public speak repressed.-“good man speaking well” – speak educated, moral, ethical Modern Democratic Society-What does it mean to be a citizen?: involved (voting, community, volunteering, educated) & democracy, you have a say-Decline in civic engagement-Civic Literacy-Modern mediated persuasion (Internet, media, TV, radio)-Communication skills (Interviews, service of time, publish speaking)...
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Hon 190 AH Notes 1 25 11 - 1 invention coming up w/info...

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