Hon 110 Notes 1 26 11 - (Beginning Notes) Hon 110 Notes...

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(Beginning Notes) Hon 110 Notes Kate Winthrol Neolic Revolution -concious decision Crops-cities-protection-more children-need leadership-tools-writing records Industrial Revolution Communications Revolution Mesopotamia – “Between the Rivers” Tigris & Euphrates -Choose the land because of rivers – make fertile. 1 st Civilization – Sumerian city (Sumer) Earliest settlements 5400 BCE Monarch King Artisans, merchants, priests, govt. officials Cities – crammed of thousands of people Mud brick use to make No sewer systems By product – diseases
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Built temple complexes (ziggurat) 1 st person use wheel Known for writing cuneiform (wedgeshaped) – evolved to write thoughts Accounting/Recording for trading Learned in scribe school – Very hard to learn. People believed in gods. All powerful. Bribe them w/gifts, sacrifices, etc… Created priests. – Omens such as shooting star Flights of bird, sacrifice animals Purpose of man is to make gods feel. Purpose to worship gods. Afterlife- spirits wander, all equal _____________________________________________________________________________ _ 1/26/11 Notes Greece Bronze Age (make bronze, weapons, armor, Before Iron Age) Island of Crete (beginning) Mythology- way for us to know these people From Homer
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Hon 110 Notes 1 26 11 - (Beginning Notes) Hon 110 Notes...

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