Hon 110 Notes 2 3 11 - Hon 110 Notes Kate Winthrol gods big...

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Hon 110 Notes Kate Winthrol 2/3/11 gods big impact in Iliad Important trains- heroism, bravery, strength, obey gods If priest comes by and ask for something, give it to him Greece- country not a lot of resources, fight over land, water, honor, and resources Sponsor so much colonization, land hunger Athens (slow out of dark ages, not sponsor for colonization, big enough land- Attica) 7 th century (600’s) fallen under control of aristocracy Later unified polis No written law or justice with aristocracy Draco- put together a harsh law code (Draconian law) Shifts to olive and grapes growth, once grow and eat, pretty quick (grapes) Olives is long process Grow crops that make lots of money Need capital first, not society that has disposable wealth Borrow from wealthy neighbors, collateral is oneself and family Debt-slave slavery, debt bondage (very common) Divisions between rich and poor widens
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Redo political state, and revise state First abolish debt slavery, cancel all debts, call back who was sold abroad Vital reform, if Athenian city not slave or property – citizenship really means something now, no being sold or slavery Crucial to development in democracy Abolish Draco Code Law for everyone, rich, wealthy, etc… Brings numerous people into citizenship Divide into 4 tribes based upon wealth, not on birth Everybody in the tribes, can sit assembly and sit in law court in jury Allow poor people to access to court and justice, sue anyone Common people to have power and justice very empowering Not too revolutionary, not distribute wealth, He is poet and philosopher (Solon) Because poet, he is a wiseman to Greeks Greece being poet, was being smart and of value Finishes term, he leaves and writes poet Greeks ask for him to stay and become tyrant Sets stage to democracy, rid of debt bondage, give citizenship Tyrant not always a bad thing Son takes over, and finally depose him Build new brand govt. 508 create democracy
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Hon 110 Notes 2 3 11 - Hon 110 Notes Kate Winthrol gods big...

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