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Hon 110 Notes 1 31 11 - Hon 110 Notes Kate Winthrol...

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Hon 110 Notes Kate Winthrol 1/31/11 1200-800 800-500 Archaic Age Women different statuses and rights depending on societies and civilizations Always group of elites -More than everyone else, more advantages Not poor on history, poor didn’t make records or history Usually talk about upper levels, higher people Influenced by Greek society and culture -Democracy demos means the people -architecture -Olympic Games (start 776 BCE) (athletes, play and watch) -Speech (oratory) -philosophy -science (Aristotle created scientific method) -mathematics -arts (sculpture) (face, and human body) (nude sculptures) -literature -war (romance of war, the emotions and feelings of men, proved a man) (value of war)
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1200-800 Dark Ages Dark Ages because no writing 800-500 Broken out of Dark Ages (Archaic Age) Reestablish of values, Homer comes around 800 First written works by Homer (literacy comes back) Homer belonged to long line of poets Iliad was a spoken poem before Homer and his works- era of heroes Homer didn’t just record history, he made history Masterpieces gave a legendary age, bigger than life, gave courage and won great battles Standard of education of generations
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