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Hon 110 Notes Kate Winthrol Notes 2 9 11 Greeks couldn’t trust each other, too much arrogance Athens best suited to evict Persians due to navy After war form Delian league to get rid of Persians First, money was funded to Athens -After a while just send money to Athens, moved treasury to Athens because Athens is head Can’t league Athens became too powerful, threatened Spartans -therefore Spartans created own league Greece fight wars endlessly -Usually amongst themselves Fight undeclared war, first minor battles outside Each league had allies Problematic when less allies Allies get Athens and Spartans involved Sign peace treaty, then Sparta breaks it by invading Athens Athens large city -overcrowding creates plague including Pericles Sign treaty 421, last 50 years supposed
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Pericles dead, nephew of Pericles is Alcibiades -invade Sicily which join Delian League -First not everyone agrees -Charm of Alcibiades Ignorant of people and size of Sicily -unaware of war of same magnitude of Peloponnesian War -go blind Send 60 ships and three commanders, main commander Nicias -says too far away home -close to Sparta Alcibiades persuades -easy victory -local inhabitants will respect and tolerate -Athens not to stay still Vote 134 ships, and 5,000 Hoplites and 5,000 light armor men, and supply of support people Total of 35,400 (most of Athenians deploy) Alcibiades and drunk men smash hermes -sent shipped and receive Alcibiades -Alcibiades goes to Sparta and ploy plans -was supposed to trial for blasphemy -ultimately betray and go with Sparta
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Hon 110 Notes 2 9 11 - Hon 110 Notes Kate Winthrol Notes 2...

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