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Hon 110 Notes 2 14 11 - Hon 110 Notes Kate Winthrol Priests...

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Hon 110 Notes Kate Winthrol 2/14/11 Priests in Greek mythology different from modern religion priests No word of Zeus, no sacred creed, bible, book, or gospel in Greek mythology Greek priests did not teach moral lessons More than one creation stories Zeus had many children, divine and half-divine Word – orthodoxy No word – Heresy Greek religion heretics, because no orthodoxy Phenomenons, why sun comes across sun, way to explain things Early pagan cultures grow my crops and agriculture, during harvests Greek world big festival when pick grapes, and plan grapes Priest in greek world, make ritual is right Take care of temple grounds, keep clean temple, caretaker Go to church in modern religion, place of worship and gather to do prayers and worship Temple no congregation and pray together, temple houses statue of gods, god may visit temple Statues built by men Sacrifice in Greek religion, give something you value to gods and blood is spilled Long connection between blood, sacrifice, and religion
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Altar main important part of temple Sacrifices vary such as animal to cake Plea to god or goddess and make sacrifice Big public festivals when blood will be spilled Rules such as animal has to be perfect, and with flowers and water Kill animal and sacrifice to god – then eat it right after Gods observe senses, and meat would be butchered and be eaten by the people -Bring community together No notion of sin in Greek religion Much more of ritual and ceremony, than religious belief and profession Don’t have to belief to go to ceremony, all about honoring gods in Greece -Then eat with Greeks, and community worship Belief does not have to do with it There were religious cults and mystery religions Idea was connection with god, initiation
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