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Ashley Hutson Biology 1104 February 1, 2011 Professor Lemons Documented Problem Solving Homework 1. The best answer to this question is answer B: There is not very much light in caves. Presumably the ancestors of cave salamanders wandered into the cave and could not see because of the lack of light. With the disuse of their eyes, the cave salamanders became blind over time. They passed this blindness on to their descendants. I used the understanding method to solve this problem. Here are the steps I took for the problem solving: Read the question thoroughly Read all of the answers fully one by one Tried to find the most logical explanation for the salamanders being blind Picked my answer based on past knowledge I had on evolution Chose answer B because it explains more than any other answer why cave salamanders are now blind 2. 3.The best answer for question 2 is answer E: C/1, A/2, B/3 Using the analyzing and applying method to solve this problem these are the steps I took to reach my
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Unformatted text preview: answer: • Read the question thoroughly • Read all of the answers fully one by one • Analyzed every chart that had different stats on them • Realized what I was looking for again by looking over the question again • Chose my answer by applying what answers would really be of importance to try and determine if the 2 snakes were of different or the same species. 3.The best answer for question 3 is graph A For this question I used the analyzing and applying method once again. Here are the steps I took to solve this problem: • Read the question thoroughly • Looked at each one of the graphs carefully • Analyzed the chart that was given with the ants removed • Understood that if the number of aphids went down when ants were removed then the number would increase if ants were present because they have a mutualistic interaction • Took this information into account and chose the graph that shows a higer number of aphids with ants present...
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