Counseling - Michale Adams Interviewer Paper The person I...

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Michale Adams Interviewer Paper
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The person I decided to write my helping paper on was my high school counselor named Rodney Mallory. Mr. Mallory was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 6. He is married to Katrina Mallory with a daughter named Melinda Mallory. Rodney graduated from Grambling State University with a B.A in Education. He continued on to graduate school at the University of West Georgia and received his Masters Degree in Counseling and Psychology in 1998. Mr. Mallory decided that he wanted to go back to graduate school to get his Masters in Educational Leadership from University of West Georgia. When I met Mr. Mallory he was my school counselor at Mays High School. One of the students in my year was stabbed to death by their stepfather. The school was in complete shock with the news that was presented before us. Mr. Mallory came to every junior class and offered his services to cope with the lost of a popular classmate. His office was flooded that whole week with students not being able to function properly because their friend or classmate was killed so violently. Mr. Mallory would not even go to lunch because he knew that the students needed him the most at that point and time. He had one on one sessions and group sessions encouraging the students to let out their
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Counseling - Michale Adams Interviewer Paper The person I...

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