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Michale Adams Reaction Paper #2 3820 Interracial Communication
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WOW! This is the first word that comes to mind after watching American History X. When the movie first started my classmates and I knew that the movie was not going to any punches. The main character, Derek Vinyard, was having sex with his girlfriend and then his brother Daniel enters the room. Daniel informs him that a black man is trying to steal his car. Derek quickly gets up from his position and grabs his weapon. Derek shoots the first black guy at the front step and then shoots the second guy. The movie reached a critical point when Derek performed a curb stomp on the second guy that he didn’t kill. That had to be the shock value of the movie. I realize the boys stealing the car were wrong, but he used hatred and belittlement to execute the young man. Everyone in my class looked around afterwards in complete shock and disbelief. I could never envision someone placing their mouth on a curb, let alone someone stepping on the back of their head. This movie showed a side of racism that was on the most intense level. The movie addressed the racist point of view of the “skinhead” community. The skinheads showed their disapproval of a minority own Korean business in the movie. That scene demonstrated how racism did not just exist between white and blacks. They hated anything and everyone that did not represent their movement. The movie also touched on the need to be in a gang. When Derek was leading the group of skinheads, he
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Reaction#2 - Michale Adams Reaction Paper#2 3820...

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