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Comms 239 notes videos - Social Media: The Ground Shifts...

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Social Media: The Ground Shifts What does Gordon say is the biggest mistake news organizations have made? Thinking the world wide web as primarily one way broadcasting or publishing medium What is the biggest driver of Internet usage? Connecting with other people How does Gordon suggest that online communities are transforming? Online communities and social networks, which historically have been formed on Web sites, are instead becoming Web services that shape people’s digital lives across many sites and many communication channels. How does Facebook Connect go against traditional thinking in news organizations? Facebook is encouraging other sites to create more engaging user experiences by leveraging the Facebook “social graph”—without needing to visit Key point: Facebook and Twitter allow people to connect without every visiting or How could social network IDs improve interactions on news sites? Social network IDs—typically based on real names—might enable higher-quality interaction than we’ve seen on news sites where the identity of those who comment is often shielded by anonymity. The People Formerly Known as the Audience What are horizontal and vertical connections? What does it mean that users aren't on the media's clock anymore? How are communities forming these days?
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Comms 239 notes videos - Social Media: The Ground Shifts...

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