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Copyright 2009, Douglas L. Dean 1 CompExcel Pivot Table Project (40 points) R: 6/27/09 dld Assume it is July 31, and you have just been hired as a regional sales manger for CompExcel Computers, a chain of computer equipment stores with three locations in New England. As such, you have direct responsibility for sales in the three stores shown in Table 1. Store Location City State Sales People Training Approach Nashua NH Bi-annual training Salem NH Self training Woburn MA Weekly training Table 1. Store Locations with Customer Service Approaches Your predecessor left a copy of a spreadsheet that contains a record of sales in all three stores for the first six months of the year. The company CEO wants you summarize the data to provide her with a mid-year report of sales performance. Your report will evaluate stores, product sales, sales training approaches, and sales people. You would also like to identify ways that may increase sales. Table 1 also shows which store uses which sales training approach. You will evaluate these three different approaches to see which leaves customers most satisfied. Management has been operating on the assumption that satisfied customers will lead to additional sales. Customer satisfaction responses are obtained by phone surveys or exit surveys after each sale. Customers respond by rating their experience with a 5 being the most satisfied and a 1 being the least satisfied. PART I (12 points) Download the Pivot Table data set from the course web site and perform the following tasks. 1. (4 pts). Subtotals. Create a new worksheet within the Excel file and name it Subtotals” . Copy all of the information from the sales data worksheet into the Subtotals worksheet you just created. Using the Subtotals worksheet, sort the table by City then by Salesperson ID . Next, use the Subtotals Wizard to add two separate subtotals for sales amount, one for each of the above-mentioned columns (City and Salesperson). Be sure that the “Replace current subtotals” checkbox is unchecked, or
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CompExcel_Pivot_Table_Project - CompExcel Pivot Table...

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