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Student Name: Eric Schneck Section #: 1 Utah Valley Tours # of People (P): 87 # of Hours (H): 7 Extra Charged Hours (ECH): 2 Number of Busses (NS): 1 (NL): 1 Extended Price (SE): $375.00 (LE): $500.00 + Extra Hour Charges (SEHC): $187.50 (LEHC): $250.00 = Total Bus Prices (STP):
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Unformatted text preview: $562.50 (LTP): $750.00 Total Price (TP): $1,312.50 Pricing Parameters 5-Hour Base Rates Small-Bus Base Price (SBP): $375 Large-Bus Base Price (LBP): $500 Other Extra Hourly Percentage (EHP): 25% Small Busses Large Busses...
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