Bad_News_Letter1 - J effer son St r eet Bost on M A 02026...

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Unformatted text preview: J effer son St r eet , Bost on, M A 02026 February 22, 2010 Mr. Corey Bowles 150 Jefferson Street Boston, MA 02026 Dear Mr. Bowles: Thank you for applying for the management position in the finance department. Your long history with Open Road gave you special consideration for this position. However, after careful consideration of all applicants, the position was given to another candidate. Several areas of your professional experience should be improved in order for you to b roaden your opportunity for advancement. First, gain more leadership experience. Volunteer for project management within your department; showing leadership of a g roup is essential for managementpositions. Also, complete projects in a timely manner. This position requires strict time management; for higher consideration, show complete and timely project completion. Lastly, further education in 1 management and finance will improve your chances for promotion. Open Road p rovides financial reimbursement for seminars and conferences for i ts employees. Taking advantage of these learning opporunities will give you greater opportunity for future promotion. Open Road is a company known for promotion of its current employees. In order for your promotion chances to be greater, take advantage of the suggestions I have g iven in this letter. We appreciate your application to this position. Please feel welcome to apply to other promotion positions in the future. S incerely, Ben Alexander 2 ...
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Bad_News_Letter1 - J effer son St r eet Bost on M A 02026...

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