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history lecture 19 - - - - - - - - - - 20 September 1792 at...

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- 20 September 1792 at Valmy field in Eastern France, the artillery in the invading Prussian army, opened a blistering artillery barrage against the - The Austro-Prussian invasion was meant to re-establish the King and Queen of Prussia. - Earlier on in the campaign, the French commanders had defected to the enemies of the French revolutionary state. These were untrained and inexperienced recruits who often insisted on electing their own officers. It should have been a no contest with France fighting against the great army of Prussia. - One of the French generals took off his hat and put on his sword and yelled, “Long live the nation,”, shouted Kellerman, which is something that had never happened before. - After a few hours the Prussians moved forward, and were met with heavy cannon and musket fire from the French troops. - The Prussians withdrew and the French remained in control of the battlefield. - By the standards of the day, the battle of Valmy was not much of a contest, 500 deaths total. Typical 18 th century battle, lots of maneuvering, lots of posturing, and the victory going to the side that retained control of the battlefield. - A famous writer, Goethe, tagged along with the Prussians at the battlefield. Goethe said, “remember, you’ll be able to tell you’re grandchildren about what
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history lecture 19 - - - - - - - - - - 20 September 1792 at...

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