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online prescence audit - friends The thing I need to worry...

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Eric Schneck Section 8 David Gonzalez Assignment Online-Presence Audit My objectives online are networking, staying in touch with friends, and in the future looking for job opportunities. I currently have a blog, twitter, and facebook account. On my blog, I just post about random topics that I feel like talking about. I do not post the link to my blog anywhere so the only way anyone can find my blog is just randomly coming across it. I could make sure that I do not post anything on the blog that would possibly hinder my image. I have a twitter account but only use it to follow friends; I do not post on it so I do not really need to worry about putting anything on there that would hurt my persona. The one account that I use frequently is facebook. I do a good job with keeping in touch with
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Unformatted text preview: friends. The thing I need to worry about is that if I vent about something I need to watch what I say because my posts are posted onto my friends walls. This can cause problems if I was to vent about a person and then they read it. This can be a problem both in my social life and potentially in my future professional life. Another thing to watch out for is pictures that are posted on the site; the problem is that others can post pictures of me, so it is important to regulate what stays posted on my profile. The last thing I can do is to make sure to keep things professional and take off anything that might diminish my reputation....
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online prescence audit - friends The thing I need to worry...

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