PAR - wanted to have longer passes that opened up the field...

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Eric Schneck PAR Last semester on an ultimate Frisbee intramural team, our team consisted of many individuals with different styles of game play. This caused problems because some individuals were there to play for fun while other individuals were there to compete. Some people wanted to play a short game others wanted to play a long game. This made for some difficult games. We would meet in the end zone before the game started and would discuss a tactic we wanted to put into effect. This proved to be difficult because after starting to play people stopped following the game plan and lost focus on what we wanted to do. After every point, we would rotate in new people and meet in the end zone to discuss our plan. With each new person that came in the game plan changed every time and there was never any consistency. In one instance, in particular a teammate of mine wanted to keep throwing extremely short passes and felt it was the best way to move the Frisbee and score, while I
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Unformatted text preview: wanted to have longer passes that opened up the field and allowed us to score more quickly. This caused an argument in the team and before we could resolve the matter, we had to start playing. While neither of us was willing to compromise our opinion this caused some problems and the other team ended up scoring on us. We continued to play in disorder and this lead to our defeat. This was the second game of the season and the rest of our games continued in a similar fashion. This has led me to a few conclusions. First, it is important to find people with whom you can work well together. Second, everyone needs to be on the same level for commitment, a person who would walk down the field and not play defense versus a person who would run and play hard the entire game. Lastly, individuals need to be able to compromise their opinions and do what is best for the team....
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PAR - wanted to have longer passes that opened up the field...

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