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Persuasive EMail - 1 TO FROM DATE SUBJECT CC BCC...

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1 TO: [email protected] John Thompson, Manager of Financial Analysis FROM: [email protected] Eric Schneck DATE: 25 February 2010 SUBJECT: AICPA Controller Conference CC: [email protected] Richard Payne, Assistant Manager of Financial Analysis BCC: [email protected] Jason Taylor, Personnel Department Head Dear Mr. Thompson, In early July, the annual AICPA Controller Conference is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. This annual conference is a place where controllers from around the world come together to discuss the events of the previous year and learn from one another about possible solutions to problems. It is my belief that my attendance at this conference will be a great benefit for this company and myself. This company needs to be up-to-date on all of the new accounting rules that are coming into affect. This conference will give us the opportunity to see how other companies are implementing these rules and what we can do to make their ideas work for our company. The opportunity of making connections allows us to get our name out there, as a mid-level
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Persuasive EMail - 1 TO FROM DATE SUBJECT CC BCC...

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