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Study Guide 2 - to a memo the sender puts their contact...

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1 Eric Schneck Study Guide 2 Reading Assignments: Baker pp. 65-66 (Memos) http:/ / Before Reading Have you ever seen a memo in any of your workplaces? no What do you suppose the purpose of a memo is? An official statement from a company regarding a certain event or policy. Do you think more memos are hard copy in today’s world or electronic? Electronic While reading : Make a note of the heading style. In this class, you will need to have your headings tabbed for spacing as in Baker’s examples. You will also need to have the word MEMO or MEMORANDUM on the top of the page. After Reading From what you have seen, do you think that memo recipients need to respond to memos? If not, why not? I do not believe memo recipients need to respond because memos are for a company to state policy changes, personnel changes, or things of that nature. In the event that someone needs to respond
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Unformatted text preview: to a memo the sender puts their contact information. How do you suppose you can ascertain whether your intended recipients have received and read your memo? You can ask that the recipients to respond to the memo. What are the differences in Bakers two sample memos? The direct memo tells the key point right away and the indirect memo waits until the end of the memo to give the key point. 2 Why do you suppose memos contain not only the name of the recipients, but also their titles? That way the individuals sending and receiving know who and how important the person is that is either sending or receiving the memo. **Bonus! Please read the memo assignment on Bb, then decide on a career you would find interesting. You will spend part of your time in the library class researching the stats on your chosen career/industry. Owner of a Bakery...
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Study Guide 2 - to a memo the sender puts their contact...

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