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Study Guide 4 - on page 55 with examples on pages 55-6 of...

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Study Guide 4 Reading: Baker Chapter 5 Before Reading 1. Have you ever edited someone else’s writing? What do you remember of the experience? What was difficult for you and what do you think you improved? 2. Have you ever had anyone else edit your work? Were you defensive about it, even just to yourself? Did the editing improve upon your original writing? 3. What do you think editing is supposed to accomplish? Given that objective, how do you choose a good editor? How do you become a good editor? While Reading 1. As you read the questions at the top of page 54, think of our cover letter exercise and think of your cover letter. Answer questions 2 and 3 (for the writer) here: 2. Answer the questions on page 55 about your memo. Is it clear? Is it complete? Make notes here. 3. Notice that HATS (needed in your memo and employment docs) is
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Unformatted text preview: on page 55 with examples on pages 55-6 of documents with and without HATS contributions. 4. Notice that CLOUD is on page 57, explained fully. 5. Look at Bakers sentence guidelines on pages 58-60. Pay special attention to Tone and Variety. Check your memo to see whether you are too wordy and whether each sentence adheres to Baker’s “Contribution” section. After Reading 1. Now, go on to Google and search Google docs. If you haven’t used it before, take the tour. What do you think? 2. Make sure you have run the grammar checker on Word over your memo. How many errors do you estimate it caught? 3. As you submit your first graded paper, what are you most concerned about when you think of the grading process? 4. What grammar or writing principle do you feel you understand the least?...
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Study Guide 4 - on page 55 with examples on pages 55-6 of...

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