09WinterMagnificent Meal Evaluation

09WinterMagnificent Meal Evaluation - Last Name _Schneck_...

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Last Name ___Schneck_____ First ______Eric Section __13_ Due Date ____4/8/2010_______ This sheet is to be typed by each person, printed before you come to lab and turned in at the end of your Magnificent Meal. EACH person must complete their own sheet and turn it in on the day of the Magnificent Meals. With the exception of clean-up, participation, time management principles, and table setting, ALL WORK MUST BE TYPED ON THIS FORM and PRINTED before you come to your Magnificent Meal. MAGNIFICENT MEAL LAB - 50 points possible (No points without this sheet completed) Assignment: Plan, prepare, evaluate and serve an aesthetically pleasing meal as a group. Return this form after completion. Basic meal patterns: Use these patterns as a guide in planning your meal. Breakfast: Lunch: Dinner: Fruit Protein food Protein food Cereal Vegetables and/or salad Vegetables Bread Bread Salad Beverage Fruit Bread Beverage Beverage Dessert, optional Meal planned: (breakfast, lunch, dinner) ________breakfast___________ Menu: Beverage – Smoothies/ Water Main Dish – Stuffed French Toast Side Dish – Restaurant-style hashbrowns Side Dish – Brown Sugar Bacon Dessert – Crepes with Fruit topping Garnish – Powdered Sugar, Bananas Colors used: _Red, Yellow, Browns, white_________________________________________________ Explain how the combinations and contrasts of colors on the plate coordinated with each other and
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09WinterMagnificent Meal Evaluation - Last Name _Schneck_...

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