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Com 240 Exam 2 Notes - Com240Exam2Notes 22/02/2011 12:39:00

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Com 240 Exam 2 Notes 22/02/2011 12:39:00 Stages of Career Development Stage 1: Organizational Choice: Preparation for Work Stage 2: Organizational Entry o We will be focused on this stage Stage 3: The Early Career Stage 4: The Midcareer Stage 5: Late Career Assimilation Defined Ongoing behavioral and cognitive processes by which individuals join, become  integrated into, and exit organizations Two Key processes o Socialization o Individualization: when an employee tries to change some aspect of the  organization. Socialization Defined The process that allows an individual to become familiar with the rules, norms,  and expectations of an organization, allowing them to become members of it. Information learned through socialization is role-related and organizational  culture related Stages of Organizational Socialization Stage 1: Anticipatory Socialization
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Com 240 Exam 2 Notes 22/02/2011 12:39:00 o o The interview processes itself is part of anticipatory socialization Stage 2: Encounter Socialization o Adapt to new expectations o Sense-making stage that occurs when employees enter the organization. o New comer has to let go of their old rules and adapt to the rules of the  organization Stage 3: Metamorphosis Socialization o Accepted member of organization o Completed socialization process o No longer consider new employee Turning points o Refer to key times during the socialization process when people feel more or less  connected to the organization. Socialization and Boundary Transitions
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Com 240 Exam 2 Notes - Com240Exam2Notes 22/02/2011 12:39:00

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