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Lindsay Ratcliffe English 1101 Dr. Melissa McLeod December 9, 2010 Color Communication Effects In Restaurants Students learn primary colors during their elementary education, but colors follow us all the way into adulthood through our perception of them. How can something so simple affect one physically and emotionally? Colors can affect individuals through color communication. Color communication is non-verbal communication correlating with colors to create physical and emotional reactions. Restaurants utilize color communication through their environment to stimulate appetite. The colors in fast food restaurants differ from the colors in sit down restaurants. Color communication in restaurants plays a vital part in the human experience by affecting the customers physically and emotionally. Using the words “fast” and “food” are perfect words to describe restaurants like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell because the customer goes in, eats quickly, and gets out. But it’s not just the rapidly prepared food that gets the consumer out in a hurry, it’s the colors of the restaurant as well. The owner’s goal is for the buyer to have a quick
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Color Communication Paper - Lindsay Ratcliffe English 1101...

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