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Lindsay Ratcliffe English 1101 Dr. Melissa McLeod December 9, 2010 Facebook’s Success I sit at my desk in front of my laptop procrastinating on my assignments because of one reason, Facebook. I know that I am not alone because one in every fourteenth person in the world has the same problem that I do. Facebook is a social network in which users can create and customize their own web profiles. Friends can browse the profiles of other friends and write or comment on messages on their pages. However marketing made Facebook lucrative within six years, not the site itself. Facebook’s an astounding success results from two marketing strategies: referral marketing and banner advertising. Referral marketing is responsible for Facebook’s initial success. Facebook’s target audience (college aged students) spreads new information, gossip, or news through referral marketing or word of mouth. Because Facebook understands their audience, they use this day-to-day behavior as a marketing strategy. During Facebook’s initial success, it was not advertised on television, radio, or on the Internet. Potential users discovered Facebook through their friends. Within the first year of Facebook’s existence, it had reached nearly one million active users by using only referral marketing. Facebook banked on its “coolness” factor towards college students. It’s exciting to hear the newest
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English 1101 Facebook - Lindsay Ratcliffe English 1101 Dr....

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