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Kennsington Shimandle Analytical Assignment 2 April 7, 2008 2:00 pm TTH 1. Which civilization made a greater impact on the world—Greece or Rome? Although Greece proved to be the single most important sources of later civilizations in the Western world, I believe Rome made a greater impact on history. According to the text book Rome was the successor of Greek civilizations, but that Rome actually became so powerful, so fast, that it ended up overlapping the Hellenistic Greece period. Rome at this time was none as the “super power of the world.” They conquered what today is now called Spain, Britain, France, parts of Asia, Palestine, Egypt, and other countries in Africa. Rome was the first to practice partial citizenship. After conquering a country, they encouraged the subject populations to become integrated with Rome—to become “good Romans” regardless of their ethnic or historical affiliations (World Civilizations p.113). It was an advantage for the conquered because it eased their tax
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