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anthro bilatearl descent

anthro bilatearl descent - service during WW2 so she lived...

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Bilateral Descent Reviewing my family history, traditions and the way we live I’d say my  family practices Bilateral descent. We trace our history back on both sides. Both  my mothers and fathers side are considered equal. We don’t only have titles or  property from one side. We haven’t lived with either side of the family. My  immediate family has been independent from the grandparents.  My grandparents on my father’s side lived with the bride’s family for 5  years before they moved into their individual home. My grandparents on my  mother’s side were married right before my grandfather went over seas in the 
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Unformatted text preview: service during WW2, so she lived at home with her family till he returned home. My parents took a neolocal residence where they established their home independent of both sets of relatives. MY parents moved into an apartment right after they got married that they had purchased before while they were engaged. My parents had no dowry when they got married. My mothers side had 6 children and didn’t have any extra money to help pay for the wedding. They were given no trust funds or bonds. My mother and father paid for their wedding all in cash with what they saved up....
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