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child centered phil - Child centered philosophy should be...

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Child centered philosophy should be in deep considerations when regarding youth sports programs, especially when the main focus of these programs is the development of children. So when analyzing the child-center philosophy results it was somewhat surprising to see such low acceptance approvals in some categories. When comparing men and women, 77 percent of males and 73 percent of females agreed that the development of children was put first by coaches, parents and sports leaders. Men and women were very close in opinion when it comes to children receiving adequate attention and playing times. 71 percent of males agrees, while 70 percent of women agreed that children to receive enough attention. The “win at all cost” mentality drew the lowest percentage of acceptance. Only 63 percent of men while, 67 percent of females agreed that coaches reject the “win at all cost” mentality. Youth leaders set expectations and hold parents, coaches and themselves accountable for sportsmanship, and commitment to
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