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5 th  Day, 10 th  Story: My original response to the story was real it was. Situations with adultery happen every day. It’s sad to think that it does, but adultery and cheating are part of almost every relationship no a days. The situation with the wife happens often to. Many times women in relationships cheat because they aren’t desired by their husbands any more, and they’re looking for a sense of companionship and love. I’ve never cheated on someone before, but I’ve been cheated on. It was an awful experience and I wish that people simply wouldn’t do it. I’ve never understood cheating. If you have interest in other people then simply don’t be in a relationship. He felt horrible for doing it, probably because I caught him in the act, but in all it was a bad out come and no one felt good about it. I thought the presentation was laid out very well. I liked the pictures and Dan did a good job breaking down the story into different sections. I really liked the point he made about
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