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atlanta symphony - it was fast tempo and vibrant The sounds...

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Atlanta Symphony When I attended the Atlanta Symphony on April 1, 2010, I was sent back into the past. This was my first time attending a symphony. Seeing this performance live helped me understand how the great composers throughout history performed their music. This symphony consisted of Bach: concerto in D minor, Stravinsky: Suite from Pulcinella and for The Firebird. The symphony started with Stravinsky’s Suite from Pulcinella. I wasn’t a big fan of this performance. The next piece was by Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerto No. 1. This piece was brilliant, but I found myself falling asleep to it. There were many soloist parts for the pianist. The pianist was incredible. Her name is Simone Dinnerstein. She came back on stage 3 times after her performance for encores. The audience couldn’t stop applauding her. The final piece was Firebird. I don’t generally like Stravinsky’s music, I find it odd and hard to focus, but Firebird was exciting. One minute it was slow and flowing and the next
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Unformatted text preview: it was fast tempo and vibrant. The sounds of the flutes and piccolos stuck out to me the most. The first part of the piece Prelude and Dance of the Firebird was very peaceful and flowing. It sent calmness in the air. This part almost made me feel as if I was in the Disney movie Bambie, when its spring time and all the animals are waking up and singing. The Infernal Dance was exciting. The loud drums and fast rhythm kind of jerked everyone out of their seats. I enjoyed this piece the most because of the story of the Prince, Princess and the Firebird. The music kept me captivated. Even though this was an interesting experience, I probably won’t be attending any symphonies any time soon. I think it’s how the symphony is set up that makes me loose my interest, because there is no contrast in the lighting or visuals to look at. I love going to operas, play, ballets and orchestras, but a symphonies just aren’t my favorite....
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