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Kennsington Shimandle Assignment 5 2-14-2011 Power point 1: Teens and Teen Athletes – Nutritional Needs Change Through out the life cycle http://www.uen.org/Lessonplan/preview.cgi?LPid=12374 Content- 4 I’ve been a student athlete and I saw some things were Missing such as protein intake, calorie output Slide Creation- 5 it was very interesting with the tips Slide Transition- 5 Pictures- 1 no pictures Mechanics- 5 very good Technology connection- 4 Power point 2- Ancient Egypt – the Land of the Pharaohs http://ancienthistory.pppst.com/index.html Content- 2 lacked a lot of information, seemed very broad
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Unformatted text preview: Slide Creation-3 flowed well but could use some work Slide Transition- 4 transitioned well Pictures- 4 pictures on almost every slide Mechanics- 5 Technology- 4 had a bibliography Power point 3- Planets http://science.pppst.com/space/solarsystem.html Content- 2 missing a lot of information too short Slide Creation- 2 very cut to the chase did not flow Slide Transition- 2 Felt that it was very choppy. Wasnt a lot of time spent Pictures 3 had few visuals Mechanics- 3 had words spelled wrong. Sentences didnt flow Technology- 2 Didnt seem to research very much...
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