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Throughout all the reading, marriage is usually done my fate or arrangements. In the Iliad, marriage is mostly done by arrangement, or a woman is captured in some sort of battle and given to a commander of the winning army. He then usually makes this female one of his many wives. Helen for example was had an arranged marriage Menelaus. She was just one of his many wives and was forced into being with him. Many marriages in the Iliad were forced and a wife was viewed as property, not a loved one. A marriage done by fate is in Ramayana, when Rama strings the massive bow and is then the rightful chosen one to marry Sita. These books give readers an image of how marriage and men/women relationships were viewed. These stories show how sometimes marriage
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Unformatted text preview: isn’t about love, but more of an agreement, treaty, or a prize. Dharma is the religion of Hinduism. It represents one of the four stages of the Hindu faith which are reincarnation, worldly gain, and pleasures. Dharma illustrated throughout Ramayana. An example is when Rama is exiled to the forest. His mother tells him his father wishes he would live in the forest for fourteen years. Rama tells his mother “For my own good, my father has another command; it is for my progress and spiritual welfare” (Narayan 49). Rama believes he will achieve Dharma my honoring his father’s command....
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