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It has become increasingly important to evaluate our behaviors and made a commitment to working to reduce green-house effects. There are two basic methods I would employee to accomplish this objective; limited, defined laws and the power of the purse. When I see signs that tell me I will be penalized by a thousand dollar fine if I litter, I control my urge to throw anything out of my car window. It’s not worth the rick to ditch an apple core on the roadside if I end up paying $1,000 for that behavior. Laws need to be passed that require the auto industry to design cars that are more fuel efficient. Industry continues to push back on this idea saying it would cost them too much money to redesign their product lines, but I say where there is a will, there is a way. Another method of bringing about this change could be a world-wide competition for a new transportation design (not necessarily a car) that would be open to everybody. The winning design would net the lucky individual a few million dollars tax free. Let the
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