HPS- 6 dimensions - Reflection of 6 Dimensions of Health...

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Reflection of 6 Dimensions of Health Spiritual, physical, environmental, social, emotional, and intellectual are the six dimensions of health. They affect each individual in different ways which in turn creates that person’s health behavior. In spiritual aspects I believe myself to be a Christian. At the same time I’m not like most Christians in the south. Many southern Christians believe in going to church or having a certain denomination. I do not necessarily believe in either. It’s not that I don’t believe in churches, I just think that people don’t have to go to an organization in order to pray or to seek answers from God. I believe that God is a higher power, and he creates the good in the world. Many stories in Bible I do not agree with either. Page after page there are stories of God punishing someone and stoning them to death for a harmless sin. I don’t believe that the God I believe in would ever want to hurt or kill someone. If everyone believes him to be so forgiving, then how can they believe in these violent stories that are suppose to be God’s will? One thing about my spiritual beliefs that I’d like to change would be learning more about other religions, so that I could have a better understanding of other people and other cultures. Physically I think of myself in fairly good shape. I use to play soccer and I run often. I do pride myself in being in good shape. It makes me feel good about myself when I’m healthy and look good. I’ve been trying to eat more healthy. Since I’ve quit soccer it
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HPS- 6 dimensions - Reflection of 6 Dimensions of Health...

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