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Mom and dad make scary movies even scarier By : LindaCarroll Researchers found that children who watched television with their folks were almost four times as likely to be frightened by scary programs as those who viewed alone. A study asked the parents of more than 300 5- and 6-year-old children detailed questions about the kinds of programs their kids watched, how often the children viewed programs alone or with a parent, and how often the children were frightened after watching their usual TV shows. The results showed that almost three-fourths of the children had been scared by TV programs, with more than 40 percent suffering from nightmares associated with TV viewing. Researchers say that children get more frightened when they see their parents also get frightened during the movie. They look to their parents for a safe haven and when their parents are scared as well they don’t feel safe. I agree with this article for the most part. I don’t remember seeing my parents get scared during a scary movie when I watched it with them. But if I did see them get scared I guess I wouldn’t feel as if they were protecting me. From Sweat to Blushing: 6 top Body Betrayals Blushing is the number one “body betrayal.” Most the time it is activated by undesirable social interactions. Blushing and sweating is part of our body that we don’t have control of. Blushing happens usually because of some sort of a stress trigger. Histamines and beta blockers have been shown to reduce redness in the face either from social triggers or from heat, spicy food and alcohol. For sweating there is Botox injections that can be used in the main areas that sweat. I can relate to this article in so many ways. I blush all the time. It’s non stop. I blush not only from embarrassment, but from heat, anger, excitement. I can’t stand it and can do nothing to control it.
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Why We Find Vampires Sexy In the spirit of Halloween I choose this article and due to the uproar in demand for vampires. This article explains that women have a lust for vampires because vampires represent mystery, romance, and sex. Women love the fact that a vampire has an image of a damaged, morally questionable man who can serve as her protector while she reforms him. Women are very nurturing in nature and like to take care of people. The fact that today’s vampire is trying to be a “good vampire” makes women want to take care of them and help them change. I’ll admit that I have somewhat of a fetish with vampires. I’m a huge Twilight fan. I’m also planning on marrying Edward Cullen. I agree with article in the fact that women lust over vampires. Women usually want what they can’t have and desire romance. Best and Worst States of Sleep
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hps articles - Mom and dad make scary movies even scarier...

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