Lab test 1 study - Lab 1: Microscope Functions1. Base:...

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Lab 1: Microscope Functions- 1. Base : Supports the microscope 2. Stage : the platform the slide rests on whie being viewed. 3. Diaphragm: arm attatched to the base of the condenser that regulated the amount of light passing through the condenser 4. Coarse Focus Knob : used to focus on the specimen 5. Fine focus knob: used for precise focusing once coarse focusing has been completed 6. Objective Lense : Adjustable lens system that permits the use of a scanning lens, a low-power lens, and high-power lens. 7. Eyepiece: where you look into to see the specimen. Rules and principles of microscopy - a) magnification power equals the objective lense power times the eyepiece lens power b) everything is upside down and backwards c) focus up from the slide d) look at the slide with your naked ye before putting it on the stage e) as you increase power your size of the field of view decreases f) as you increase power your working distance decreases g) you can perceive depth if you focus up and down on the slide h) always start with the lowest power lens i) move the slide with the mechanical stage adjusting knobs j) make sure the scope is plugged in and the light in on Total Magnification - Is the amount equal to the power of the ocular lens multiplied by the power of the objective lens used. Mitosis Mitosis : nuclear division ( two daughter nuclei that are genetically identical to the mother nucleus) Cytokinesis: is the division of the cytoplasm, which begins after mitosis is nearly Complete
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5 phases of Mitosis- Interphase : period of the cell’s life when it is carrying out its normal activities and growing. A clear nucleus and two pairs of centrioles. DNA is replicated Prophase : Nucleus starts containing sister chromosomes and pair of centrioles starts to separate to either side of the nucleus. Metaphase
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Lab test 1 study - Lab 1: Microscope Functions1. Base:...

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